Tim Grayson is running for State Senate as a Democrat. However, he started his political career as a Republican, and often still votes like one.  Time and time again, he has failed to stand up for Democratic values.

Skipped votes on reproductive rights

Since 2017, Tim Grayson has skipped key votes on abortion.  Even after Roe v. Wade was overturned, Tim continued to skip votes or abstain - functionally the same as voting no - on state legislation protecting Californian's reproductive rights.

Tim Grayson did not vote for:

Failed to stand up for LGBTQ rights

Voted no on pollution control

Why does Big Oil support Tim Grayson for State Senate? Having taken tens of thousands of dollars from oil companies, Tim Grayson voted No on:

Tim also skipped votes on:

Ignored the needs of working families

Opposed protections for renters and homeowners

Tim Grayson claims he's all for housing affordability. However, when it came to protecting some of California's most vulnerable residents - those living in mobile homes - Tim voted no or failed to support the bill.

Then again, what else would you expect for someone who's taken thousands of dollars from landlords, banks, and the real estate industry?

Skipped votes protecting you from gun violence and pandemics

Tim Grayson's Legislative Record
See how organizations have scored his voting record

   F     (Score: 24%) California Environmental Justice Alliance, 2022

 36%  California Environmental Voters, 2022

 30%  Sierra Club, 2022

   D     Courage Campaign, 2023

 66%  Planned Parenthood, 2018

Tim Grayson in the headlines

In his previous political career in local government and the assembly, Tim Grayson took money from developers planning a project in the city he was mayor of as well as oil corporations with refineries in the area he represented.

Dear Voters & Community Leaders: Senate District 9 Deserves Better.

Do Not Vote for Tim Grayson. Do Not Endorse Him.

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